Tuesday, August 21, 2012

iPhone 4 Screen Replacement Video

iPhone 4 Screen Replacement should only be performed by professionals. The youtube video below states the same.

Follow the Youtube instructions and replacement procedures.

Monday, August 20, 2012

iPhone 4 Screen Replacement

iPhone 4 Screen Replacement

Ever drop your iPhone and Crack it? If so, then this article is for you. Dropping your iPhone and have it repaired by Apple will cost you a arm and a leg. But, guess what? iPhone 4 Screen Replacement is easier than you think! iPhone 4 Screen Replacement services cost upwards of $200. However, thanks to video sharing services like Youtube. Any one can open their iPhone 4 and replace the screen. These step by step videos make iPhone 4 Screen Replacement process very easy. Please visit PhonepartsUSA.com for a full variety of iPhone 4 Screen Replacements


  • Open 2 Bottom Screws 
  • Remove Battery 
  • Remove the Screws from the top right corner 
  • Remove the metal bracket encasing the flex cables 
  • Remove the Loudspeaker module 
  • Remove remaining screws and motherboard 
  • Remove 6 screws with washers from the sides of the phones 
  • Remove 4 small screws from the sides of the motherboard
  • The iPhone 4 Screen now can be removed by prying between the LCD Assembly plastic bezel and the metal frame chassis. 

 For more information, search " iPhone 4 Screen Replacement" on youtube.